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One Year Anniversary of Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home

 Abril Villarreal-Medina
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Last year the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate joined the world in welcoming Pope Francis’ encyclical, Laudato Si’: On Care for our Common Home.  In his second encyclical, Pope Francis captures the importance of caring for “our Sister, Mother Earth, who sustains and governs us.”

Saint Francis, faithful to Scripture, invites us to see nature as a magnificent book in which God speaks to us and grants us a glimpse of his infinite beauty and goodness. “Through the greatness and the beauty of creatures one comes to know by analogy their maker” (Wis 13:5); indeed, “his eternal power and divinity have been made known through his works since the creation of the world” (Rom 1:20).   Laudato Si #12

Father Séamus Finn, O.M.I. focuses much of his time helping corporations and other religious institutions invest and operate in a faith-conscious manner.  He has made it his mission to put the Pope’s teachings into practice.

In a recent interview with Vatican Radio, Fr. Séamus spoke about some of the advances made this year in meeting the Pope’s challenges.

“I think we’re at the stage now of trying to practically apply the challenges the Holy Father has put out there about the economic system that we have,” explained Fr. Finn.  “So, very simply, how do we really respond to the ‘globalization of indifference’ that he seems to feel is one of the consequences of the affluence of the first world and the domination of first world in terms of the economic system.”

“We have spent a lot of time looking at some of the private equity initiatives that are out there… Some individuals and groups of individuals have come forward and constructed funds that are specifically targeted at addressing the issues related to energy, agriculture, housing, telecommunications, financial services, he said.  “And they feel they’ve come up with ways in which they can creatively do that in a way that’s profitable for investors and that serves populations that are now underserved or that governments are not able to [serve].”

Father Séamus continued, “An example of one of those funds is an energy fund in the Caribbean. These folks have been diligently looking at, can we take solar energy and wind energy and develop it at a scale in which the local governments – who have been unable to deliver enough energy to these local populations – can invest.”

The Missionary Association of Mary Immaculate – a fundraising organization of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate – is also responding to Pope Francis’ admonition to protect the earth and the poor.  They have created a sustained giving program called Our Common Home Club.

This new club will offer Oblate benefactors the opportunity to help restore and promote the integrity of creation, by protecting the earth and improving the quality of life of the poor.  The club will allow benefactors to receive correspondence through e-mail and other electronic means in an effort to use less paper.

Members of the Our Common Home Club will initially receive a welcome package that includes a reusable tote bag.  Quarterly newsletters will also be sent, allowing the benefactor to stay up-to-date on the Oblates’ projects and initiatives that are meant to better the earth and support the poor.


For more information on Our Common Home Club, please call 1-888-330-6264.