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It would be difficult to find anyone more abandoned than a disabled infant dropped off at their doorstep…

 Abril Villarreal-Medina
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O17KKI- Annual Fund INSIDEDear Friend in Christ,

YOU can make a dramatic difference in the lives of mission children, mothers and families living in extreme poverty and facing desperate circumstances. From feeding hungry children… to providing lifesaving transportation to medical care for those suffering from illness… to supporting our seminarians who dream of becoming Oblate Missionaries… to carrying the sacraments to remote villages…

…your support is absolutely crucial!

Today, there are many urgent calls for help from our missions, especially from our missionaries in Zambia, Africa.

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Let me tell you about how just one of our missionaries brings hope into the lives of those they serve.

When Fr. David Ullrich, OMI, took on the role of an Oblate Missionary in China four years ago, he became acquainted with Brent and Serena Johnson who started China Little Flower to care for disabled infants abandoned by their parents.

With China’s “one child” policy, parents of an infant with severe disabilities sometimes abandon their newborn, hoping that others can better provide for them than they ever could. We celebrate Mass with the volunteers and staff, provide assistance, and recently arranged for lay volunteers to work with the older children to develop their life skills to live more independently.

Please support our missionary work around the world that bring hope and sustain lives. Give as generously as you can to our 2017 Annual Fund – not one nickel of your gift will be wasted!

Fr. Art Flores
In Christ and Mary Immaculate,

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Father Art Flores, OMI
Oblate Director


P.S. There is one overwhelming reason why your support matters so much: your gift chooses life over death for vulnerable children and families. It’s that simple, and that important.


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