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Daily Prayer & Reading 2/12

 Vicky Grady
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February 12, 2018

God of Mercy, bullying among children has become a real issue. Social media only makes the problem worse, as kids cannot escape the torment even when they are at home. Be with the children who are being bullied – may they find comfort and strength in Your loving embrace. Bless also the bullies. Often these children have unresolved turmoil or pain in their lives. Open their eyes to the pain and suffering they cause through their hurtful words and actions. Amen.

Mark 8:11-13

The Pharisees came forward and began to argue with Jesus,
seeking from him a sign from heaven to test him.
He sighed from the depth of his spirit and said,
“Why does this generation seek a sign?
Amen, I say to you, no sign will be given to this generation.”
Then he left them, got into the boat again,
and went off to the other shore.