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Seminarian Sponsors Club

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The Harvest is Abundant but the Laborers are Few…
Ensure the Future of the Missions!

seminarian_vowsThe harvest is indeed abundant. There are over two billion people in the world who have never heard the Word of God. Will there be enough priests to administer sacraments in the future? Who will marry your children, baptize grandchildren and celebrate Mass?

Do you know how many missionary applicants we cannot welcome every year because of our so limited resources? Just an example…

In Zambia we have, each year, over 250 young faithful and educated people willing to become an Oblate Missionary. They want to serve the poorest of the poor and bring the Hope of God to the desperate and most abandoned…and we can only welcome a dozen of them!

The Oblates of Mary Immaculate are blessed to have several candidates to the priesthood. The problem is that the education expense is so great, that many students are unable to finance their studies on their own. Our seminarians need help. It takes $1,000.00 each month, over the course of several years, for an Oblate seminarian to complete his formation program.

A monthly contribution of as little as $10.00, $20.00, or $50.00, is invested together with the gifts of other sponsors, providing the funds our seminarians need each year. Know the joy of helping to ensure the future of the Oblates and Oblate ministries! Request further information on the form below and join the Seminarian Sponsors Club.

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