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On this Thanksgiving Day, we are Thankful for you…our Benefactors!

 Abril Villarreal-Medina
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We appreciate every single one of you that have made Oblate Missions possible. Please rest assured knowing you are helping the poor and most abandoned of the world in receiving the Good Word and also much-needed medicine, food, and a warm place to stay.

Our friends and long-time supporters of the Oblates shared with us this brief message regarding their experience as Oblate donor and benefactors:

We would like to share just a few simple thoughts about our Oblate experiences.

Our experience with the Oblates has been a joyful one for us –besides being donors for quite some time, we have often visited some of the Oblate missions and churches to see firsthand the wonderful work that the Oblate missionaries so selflessly perform on a daily basis to those in great need.

Our family trip to Zambia in 2014 left us with a great love for the Zambian people. We left the country knowing that we needed to help them, but we didn’t know how to ensure that our help would actually reach the wonderful, kind and loving Zambian people.

After contacting John Wagner and telling him of our concerns that our monthly donation go directly to the Zambian people and their communities,  we were truly delighted to learn of the Oblate Zambian Mission and the good work that it has been doing there for quite some time. We immediately knew that this was the way in which we could help the Zambian people and the dedicated missionaries who have given so much of themselves to bring love and joy into the already joyful and loving hearts of the beautiful Zambian people. We have been blessed to feel a part of the Zambian Mission via our participation in the monthly donor program. Thanks again to the Oblates for all they do!

Warmest wishes,

– Darlene and Alan Esola