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Holy Week 2017

 Abril Villarreal-Medina
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On April 9th, we celebrated a set of special Masses for Palm Sunday. As it has become tradition, Fr. Leo Perez (in English) and Fr. Nino Lajo (in Spanish) reminded us of Jesus’ entrance to Jerusalem to fulfill the Paschal Mystery. These celebrations gave start to this year’s Holy Week.

Throughout this week we celebrated a series of Masses and activities that helped us reflect and celebrate the great gift that Our Lord Jesus Christ gave us: His Body and Blood. We share with you all a few images of the activities that began on Palm Sunday and ended yesterday on Easter.  Thank you to those of you that accompanied us through the events!

To see the images from Father Lajo’s Holy Week Spanish Masses and activities, please click here.

Good Friday, April 14: Stations of the Cross