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Southwest Area Jubilee Celebration

 Abril Villarreal-Medina
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On Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 7PM, the annual Jubilee Celebration for Oblates of the Southwest Area took place at the Immaculate Conception Memorial Chapel, on the grounds of the Oblate School of Theology. This year we celebrated a combined total of 1,170 years of service!

Hundreds of guests from near and far turned up for the momentous evening, including Oblates, their families, and members of the local communities. The beautiful mass was celebrated by our very own Father Saturnino Lajo, OMI, whose 60 years of first profession were also being honored at this event. Our friend and brother, Fr. Tom Ovalle, OMI, was present to deliver a joyous homily to the attendees and also to celebrate 40 years of ordination. Our dear Fr. Art Flores, OMI, was also honored for his 25 years of ordination.

A beautiful reception followed at the nearby Whitley Theological Center, where guests, honorees, and fellow Oblates gathered to enjoy a delightful feast infused with gleeful music, jovial chatter and mingling. We are overjoyed to be honoring these jubilees and beyond blessed to count with their service, dedication, and Oblate Charism. Below is a list of the 2017 honorees along with a link to the Mass video & few images from the Jubilee Mass. Enjoy!

First Profession Honorees

65 years:  Edward Vrazel, OMI

60 years:  Saturnino Lajo, OMI

50 years:  Ken Hannon, OMI; George Roy, OMI; Clement Waidyasekara, OMI; Robert Wright, OMI

40 years:  Michael Amesse, OMI; Richard Kulwiec, OMI

25 years:  Tim Paulsen, OMI

Ordination Honorees

70 years:  Francis Montalbano, OMI

60 years:  Gerald Brunet, OMI; Bill Davis, OMI; Michael Levy, OMI; James Miller, OMI; Galeb Mokarzel, OMI

50 years:  John Collet, OMI; Jack Franko, OMI; Ronald LaFramboise, OMI; Edward Ward, OMI.

40 years:  Tom Ovalle, OMI; Clement Waidyasekara, OMI

25 years:  Art Flores, OMI; Joseph LaBelle, OMI