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Annual Fund

You can bring relief and healing to those suffering in poverty!

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on all of us. We have signs of hope with the vaccines being administered. But for the many of the mission poor, it was particularly difficult during the pandemic; it will take time for the vaccines to reach them.

The families we serve have few resources, and now, with parents losing jobs, children missing meals, elderly going without medications, and families losing loved ones to this deadly virus, life is extremely difficult.

That’s what makes our 2021 Annual Fund so important, and why I hope you can make an especially generous gift to ensure that we can continue to help these hungry, hurting families during this time of global uncertainty.

In the past, your gift have helped provide help and hope to our most vulnerable. Today you have the chance to deliver even more hope by supporting our 2021 Annual Fund.

This crucial campaign occurs only once per year, but funds raised from supporters like you help bring hope and healing to mission children and families all year long.

Can I count on you to reach out a helping hand today? A gift to our 2021 Annual Fund of whatever you can afford can provide lifesaving programs for the mission poor and bring hands-on help to so many who suffer so much.

The families and children served by our missionaries are so thankful for your gifts and prayers. Father Jesse Esqueda, OMI – my seminary classmate and oblate brother, as well as the Superior of the Baja California mission – has seen the effect of your generosity firsthand in our Tijuana mission.

Fr. Jesses oversees the largest and poorest parish in the Archdiocese of Tijuana. Most families live in poverty, and even those who are employed at physically demanding work are typically paid as little as just $70 each week.

When the pandemic began, many of the local factories and work sites were shut down, leaving many families without an income. Older community members who worked at local stores bagging groceries were told to stay home, cutting off their pay, too.

“This situation made us realize how fragile we are, how connected we are, and how much we need each other,” Fr. Jesses tells us.

Thanks to the generous gift received from friends like you and funds raised from last year’s Annual Fund , Missionary Oblates worked with community volunteers to provide essential supplies, food baskets, gift cards, scholarships, and warm meals to families in need.

Please join us in supporting our global efforts with a generous gift to our Annual Fund! Your gift will be put to work immediately to bring hope and healing to the mission poor.

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