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Teaching our children about the lives and stories of the Saints is very important for enriching their faith. They are examples of the heroes Jesus calls us all to be. They are imperfect people like you and I who have dedicated their lives to serve God, overcoming temptation, doubt and sometimes even persecution.  

Our faith calls us to be like the Saints and live for Jesus. My brother Missionary Oblates, much like the Children of Fatima, devote their lives to Jesus Christ by honoring the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

I hope you will enjoy the story of the Children of Fatima and maybe you will hear the call to be responsible and do what is needed without being asked or reminded!

Children of Fatima

“We saw a lady… dressed in white more brilliant than the sun.” 
~Saint Sr. Lucia

our lady of fatima coloring page

In 1917, Mary appeared six times to three shepherd children lving in Fatima, Portugal. Lucia dos Santos, 9, Jacinta Marto, 6, and Francisco Marto, 7, were ordinary children, chosen by Mary to spread her message. 

On May 13, 1917, while tending their sheep, the children were visited by a woman “more brilliant than the sun.” She wore a white mantel edged with gold and held a rosary. The woman promised to return and share a message with the children and reveal her identity on the 13th of each month. 

One of Mary’s most important revelations was the power of praying the rosary. She encouraged them to pray their rosaries every day for peace, for sinners and for the end of the Great War (World War I). 

Our Lady told them, “When you give something up or do something extra because you love God, it is a sacrifice.”  She even taught them a special prayer to say after each mystery of the rosary:

O my Jesus, forgive us our sins,
save us from the fires of hell;
take all souls to heaven,
and help those in most need of thy mercy

Most people in town did not believe the children — some called them liars. They were scolded and threatened, but they never lost hope or faith in their Mother Mary.  

On October 13, 1917, Mary appeared to the children for the last time. She promised to perform a miracle that day that would make everyone believe they were telling the truth.  

Thousands gathered to wait for the promised miracle. As everyone watched, flowers began to fall from heaven. People tried to catch them as they drifted down, but the flowers would melt away before reaching the ground. 

Suddenly there was a rainstorm, and Mary finally appeared and told the crowd she was Our Lady of the Rosary. She revealed her message to the faithful, asking them to change their lives. She instructed all in attendance to ask forgiveness for their sins and to stop offending God, who was greatly saddened by their conduct.  

The sun began whirling like a huge ball of fire, with flashing rays of light. It turned so fast that it looked as if it would rip itself from the sky! As people stared in wonder, an apparition of the Holy Family appeared with Joseph, Mary and Jesus. The people finally believed the children! 

Soon the story of the great miracle, known as the Miracle of the Sun, spread far and wide.

Just a year later, two of the children, Jacinta and Francisco died during the 1918 international flu pandemic. Lucia went on to become a Carmelite nun, and spent her life spreading the devotion to Our Lady and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to bring peace to the world and save souls. 

Jacinta and Francisco were canonized as saints on May 13, 2017, 100 years after Our Lady’s first apparition. Sister Lucia has been given the title Servant of God, the first step towards becoming a saint. 

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