Proximity to the Missionary Oblates. They have committed their lives to assist the most desperate people. Each of us can commit by different ways for helping others.

Becoming a Club Member is an affordable commitment that makes each of us a member of this holy Oblates family. It is the commitment and the recognition our efforts will help. A small, but regular gift is one of the greatest help you can provide.

Mission of the Month Club

In major cities, an ambulance or fire truck is only a few minutes away in an emergency, but when a disaster strikes in one of our isolated mission areas, there are no such services. Our missionaries need a friend they can count upon in an emergency, someone like you!

Your Regular Monthly Gift bring Food, Water, Medicines… and Hope!
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Seminarian Sponsorship Club

The Harvest is Abundant but the Laborers are few

Be a Seminarian Sponsor

Ensure the future of the Missions

The harvest is indeed abundant. There are over two billion people in the world who have never heard the Word of God.

Will there be enough priests to administer sacraments in the future? Who will marry your children, baptize grandchildren and celebrate Mass?
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Oblate Emeritus Society

Oblate Missionaries dedicate their lives to bring peace, comfort and hope to the less fortunate.

Join our Oblate Emeritus Society to ensure they receive well-deserved care in their elder years!

Want to give back to those who have given so much serving the poor and abandoned? 
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Oblate Partners Club

By joining the Oblate Partners club, you will be helping Oblate missionaries realize their mission of spreading the “Good News” and of assisting the poor and most abandoned.

Our Oblate Partner’s Club members receive a Special Certificate and a beautiful pin, in the shape of praying hands, signifying our union in prayer.
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