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Prodigal Son

Dear Friend in Christ,

For you, I have reserved a beautiful statuette of the Prodigal Son being embraced by his father. I have personally blessed this statuette for placement in a cherished spot in your home so you may be reminded of the immense love God has for you and all of his children.

In just a few weeks, Lent will arrive … and then a few weeks later, the glorious celebration of Easter when Our Lord’s promise was fulfilled by His Resurrection. During this time of preparation and spiritual reflection, there is no better time to repair, revive and restore our faith lives than through prayer and reconciliation. I hope that this statuette of the Prodigal Son will inspire you to open your heart to so many of our sisters and brothers in need.

In Christ and Mary Immaculate,

Father Art Flores, OMI
Oblate Director

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