Martha and Mary

The story of sisters in the Bible Mary and Martha is a perfect example of prioritizing Jesus above all else. Mary is a model of undistracted devotion to Jesus. The Gospels of Luke and John used the differences between Mary and Martha to offer us a lesson. Mary faced the same challenges you and I face every single day, yet she chose the better part to sit, be still, and listen to Jesus speak, and that is what enabled her to be undistracted.

Martha and Mary lived in the village of Bethany, not far from Jerusalem. They lived with their brother, Lazarus, and their family was close to Jesus. The most famous stories of Martha and Mary in the Gospels took place at a feast, which they were holding for Jesus.

Jesus had been invited to their house, and there was so much preparation needed for the feast. Martha busied herself with the work while her sister, Mary, surprisingly did not help her at all with the preparations. Instead, she sat down with the people they invited and listened to Jesus speak.

Jesus applauded Mary who had a spirit of contemplation. Martha was so busy and distracted with the details of doing many things that she forgot the point of the feast in the first place—to host Jesus and honor and celebrate His ministry. She forgot to host the people and forgot about Jesus. Mary understood and seized the moment with Him.

The story of Martha and Mary challenges our relationship with Jesus. If we live undistracted in our total relationship to Jesus, every room, every situation, you and I walk into will be filled with the aroma of the goodness of Jesus!