Prayer of the Saints

Every month, I look forward to providing a prayer or blessing of the Saints for you. The saints are priests, brothers, sisters, the apostles, and other holy men and women who helped to make the world holier through their love of Christ.

Together we must learn to trust in God’s love and protection just as the saints did. They serve as role models who gave their lives for others, just as Jesus gave His Life for us.

This month, we examine the life of St. Padre Pio.

I am excited to share with you this prayerful Franciscan Capuchin priest who was born in Italy and who performed miraculous healings, bi-locations, and spiritual warfare. He spent numerous hours in the confessional, celebrated numerous Masses and had little sleep.

St. Pio is also considered one of the greatest mystics in the history of the Church. He lived for 50 years with the stigmata, the wounds of Christ on his own body. His fame spread widely.

One of my favorite writings and teachings of St. Pio is, “The Son of Man must suffer greatly.” He said,

   I know quite well that the cross is a token of love, an earnest of forgiveness, and that love which is not fed and nourished by the cross is not true love but merely a flash in the pan…

What value can this love of mine have with God? I am very much afraid on this account that my love of God is not true love. This is one of the many torments which, combined with many more, overwhelm me to the point where I feel utterly crushed.

Still, dear Father, I have a great desire to suffer for the love of Jesus.

St. Padre Pio drew thousands to the confessional. Today, we are invited to go to the Sacrament of Reconciliation to be in union with Christ on the cross to experience God’s mercy, the grace of that blood and water that flowed from His side on Calvary.

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