Prayer Petitions

Over the last year and a half, there have no doubt been times of loneliness, despair and fear. God gives us many tools to help cope with these times of uncertainty, one of the most powerful being angels.

These heavenly beings are sent directly from God to guide and protect us. St. Michael the Archangel, leader of all angels and the Army of God, is one of His most powerful weapons.

As the patron saint of grocers, doctors and first responders, St. Michael is uniquely equipped to aid us in our prayers and bring protection during this global health crisis.

For the next nine days—ending on his feast day, September 29—we will be celebrating a Novena of Masses in honor of St. Michael, praying for his protection during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Be sure to send me the names of yourself and your loved ones so they may be remembered during this prayerful event.

Your partnership with the Oblate Missions is greatly appreciated. We would like to occasionally send you updates about our ministries, which will explain how you are blessing the poor and needy in our missions.