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Elder and Infirmed Oblates

Your support and commitment help advance our work in so many ways.  You bring hands-on help to poor mission families struggling to survive…support our Seminarians in their studies to serve as the next generation of Missionary Oblates…and bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to those hoping for eternal salvation.  And there is one more vital role your support fulfills:  You bring comfort and peace to our elderly and infirm Oblate Missionaries.

Because they took a vow of poverty when they were ordained, our retire Oblates are especially vulnerable during global health crises and times of anxiety.  They no personal finances to help get them through tough times like those we face as a nation today.

Many continue their service well into their 70s and 80s – celebrating Masses in local dioceses, ministering to retirement communities, and sometimes serving as chaplains for colleges, schools or even prisons – until declining health and advancing age make their duties impossible.  All their lives, they received small stipends just to cover their immediate living expenses,and now depend on the charity of our supporters during their elder years. 

In return for your generous support that provides urgently needed resources, I have a very meaningful gift for you…

90p711 Pope Francis Pectoral Cross To acknowledge and honor your commitment and faith, I would be most pleased to send you a replica of Pope Francis’ personal pectoral cross, which has special meaning to me.  Known for his humility, Pope Francis would not accept a bejeweled cross of gold and precious metals upon his election, decide to simply keep the cross he wore as Cardinal of Argentina as a reminder that he was called by God to be a shepherd to the poorest of the poor.

  • The cross features an image of Our Lord as the Good Shepherd carrying the lost sheep on his shoulders, reminding us that He always seeks those who may have wandered or become lost from their from their faith, welcoming them back into the flock
  • At the top of the cross is a dove, representing the Holy Spirit, helping those who are lost and in darkness, to return them home
  • I hope you will place this cross in a prominent place in your home where you will be reminded of Our Lord’s love and encouraged, even on hard days, to seek him in everything you do.

Just as the Good Shepherd cares for his flock, our elderly and infirm Oblate Missionaries like Fr. Bill Davis, O.M.I., cared for the mission poor.  At 88 years old, he spent 60 years ministering to the poor as a teach and pastor.  After a lifetime of sacrifice, Missionaries like Fr. Bill have no retirement funds, 401Ks or other funds invested for their “golden years.”  All His life was one of both teacher and pastor, in a variety of missions, including leading Oblate Seminarians in Lusaka, Zambia.

his dedication to the poor led him to create advocacy groups such as the Samaritans who help the elderly, disabled, sick, lonely and grieving.  His good works made him a finalist for a national award – the lumen Christi Award from Catholic Extension – at age 85.  Now over 90 years old, Fr. Bill lives at Madonna House in San Antonio, and still minsters to all.

As the world confronts the recent health crisis, our elder Oblate Fathers and Brothers need our support now more than ever as their advanced age leaves them especially vulnerable to illness and injury.

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