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Exposing our children to stories of the Saints are important for their faith development. The Saints are heroes of the faith! We are called to be like the Saints and live for Jesus! My brother Missionary Oblates, much like St. Anthony, spend their lives working hard for our Lord Jesus Christ ministering to the poor and most abandoned throughout the world.

I hope you will enjoy the story of St. Anthony and live close to Christ like him!

Saint of the Month for December, St. Anthony

Saint Anthony

“Actions speak louder than words; let your words teach and your actions speak” – St. Anthony
St. Anthony of Padua was born in 1195 in Lisbon, Portugal. When he was young boy, Anthony wished to be a knight and a crusader for Jesus. When he turned 15, Anthony asked his parents to join a monastery where he studied very hard to become a Franciscan priest. He was a very good teacher of the bible and knew all the scriptures by heart. People were always surprised by how much he knew.

One day, he went to a faraway place to preach to people about Jesus and bring more people into the church. Not long after he arrived there, he became sick and had to return home. On his way home, his ship was blown off course, and he found himself in a different country. He was taken to the local Franciscan monastery and there he was nursed back to health.

Instead of returning home, he stayed and worked in the hospital, and helped in the kitchen and garden. One day, a priest asked St Anthony to give a sermon. The people of this town enjoyed Anthony’s teachings so much that he was asked to travel all over Italy and France preaching in churches and town squares. Because of St. Anthony’s sermons, many people came to know Jesus and invited Jesus into their hearts.

St. Anthony had a song book that was very special to him. It had many of his notes and writings from his sermons. One day St. Anthony discovered his song book missing. He looked everywhere but couldn’t find it. He prayed very hard for the person who took his book to have a change of heart and return it, and they did! This is why people often pray to St Anthony and ask him for help to find lost things, and St. Anthony is always there to help!
St. Anthony died near Padua in 1231 at the age of thirty-six. His legacy is one of tremendous faith, his preaching, his love for Christ and for finding lost objects. He is the patron saint of the poor, sailors, fishermen, priests, travelers and lost objects.

Child’s Prayer to St. Anthony
St. Anthony, please be my friend. Help me to be like you. Please whisper into the Infant Jesus’ ears, and ask Him to protect my family and me and keep us safe from harm. Help me to bring peace into this world and to love the Infant Jesus as much as you do.
St. Anthony, pray for us!

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