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Learning about the Saints is an important part of a child’s faith development.  They are the heroes of our faith, but more importantly, they are people, just like you and I – leaders and examples of how a person should live.  We are called to be like them. 

My brother Oblate missionaries, much like, St. Joan of Arc, spend their lives being strong, bold, prayerful, and courageous to minister to the poor and most abandoned throughout the world.  

You can follow her example by placing your life in the Lord’s hands and praying to Him for guidance daily.  

Fr. Art Flores, OMI

St. Joan of Arc

“Help yourself and God will help you”

St. Joan of Arc was born in France in the year 1412.  Her father was a poor peasant farmer, and her mother taught her how to sew and make her own clothes.  Joan’s parents were very religious and raised her to pray often.  

As a young girl, Joan prayed every day, encouraging those around her to pray and live like Jesus.  At the age of 13, she began hearing voices telling her to save her country from the enemies that were tying to harm it.  She continued hearing these voices, always asking her to save her country.  Joan prayed to God for guidance asking how a young girl of her age could possibly save her entire country.  

After a few years, Joan found the courage to go to the king and ask for a small army to defend France.  At first the king laughed at her – she was only 16 – but she did not give up.  

She continued to pray, and again she asked the king for his help.  This time, the king granted her request and gave her a small army.  Joan prepared her army and practiced with them for battle, becoming a good soldier and an excellent horsewoman.  

Before she went to battle, she stood strong and prayed for courage to do what she was asked.  Joan protected her soldiers and encouraged them when they were afraid.  Even when it didn’t seem possible that they could win.  Joan had courage because of her immense faith and trust in Our Lord.

 Once during a battle, she was wounded by an arrow but continued to fight, encouraging her soldiers to keep fighting too.  She did what was required of her and she stood strong for Jesus.  In the end she led her army to victory in many battles and she saved France – all before she was 19! 

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