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Exposing our children to stories of the Saints are important for their faith development. The Saints are heroes of the faith! We are called to be like the Saints and live for Jesus! My brother Missionary Oblates, much like, St. Joseph, spend their lives being obedient to their vows to be strong, bold, prayerful, and courageous to minister to the poor and most abandoned throughout the world.

I hope you will enjoy the story of St. Joseph and live close to Christ like him and be an obedient and loving person!!

Saint of the Month for September, 
St. Joseph

Before the Virgin Mary was told she would be the mother of Our Savior, she was engaged to marry a man from her town of Nazareth named Joseph. Joseph was a carpenter and a humble, godly man. But before he and Mary were married, she told him she was expecting a child.

Joseph knew the baby was not his, but because he didn’t want Mary to be humiliated or publicly shamed, he agreed to separate from her privately.

Then God sent an angel who told him not to fear, for the child Mary was to deliver was the Son of God and had been created by the Holy Spirit. The angel asked Joseph to proceed with his marriage to Mary and raise the Savior Jesus as his own.

Joseph, much like Mary, had a choice not to listen to the angel, but because of his immense faith, strong character and kind heart, Joseph agreed to care for Mary and Jesus.

Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem where there were no available rooms for them in the local inns. A kind man offered them shelter in his stable, where Jesus Christ was born.

As Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph treated Him as his own son, training him in carpentry and teaching him the ways of Judaism. It is believed that St. Joseph died before Jesus began his teachings, but it was his care and guidance that helped prepared Jesus for his ministry.

St. Joseph is a model for every father — a man who worked very hard to provide a home while loving and protecting his family as he carried out God’s will. He is the patron Saint of families, carpenters, and working people, and his Feast Day is celebrated on March 19.

Child’s Prayer to St. Joseph
O St. Joseph,
Be with me like a foster father.
Help me when I’m worried, afraid or sad.
Help me to be obedient and work hard in school and at home.
Protect and watch over me and my family.
Please help me every day to love those around me and to live a life like Jesus.
St. Joseph, pray for me.

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