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Learning about the Saints is an important part of a child’s faith development.  They are the heroes of our faith, but more importantly, they are people, just like you and I – leaders and examples of how a person should live.  We are called to be like them. 

My brother Oblates, much like, St. Peter, are loyal and devote to their lives to Jesus Christ bringing the pages of the Gospel alive to those in need everywhere.  Just like Saint Peter who travelled and was a missionary proclaiming the Good News, we too travel and bring hope to the poorest of the poor.  

You can follow Saint Peter’s example by reading the lives of the Saints or by supporting non-profit organizations that help and educate the poor.  

I hope you will enjoy the story of St. Peter and be loyal to Jesus! 

Saint of the Month for October, St. Peter

St. Peter was one of the first Apostles of Jesus, and his strong faith and trust in Our Lord is the reason Jesus made him the very first head of the church.

Peter, whose name was Simon before he met Jesus, was a poor fisherman with no education. One day, while out fishing with his brother Andrew and his friends James and John, Jesus approached them and asked if they had caught any fish that night.

Peter (Simon) informed Jesus that they had been fishing all night in this area and had not caught anything. Jesus asks them to cast their nets into the water. Trusting in Jesus, Peter cast his nets.

The fishermen were delighted as their nets began to fill with fish—so much fish that their boats began to sink!

Jesus then said, “Do not be afraid, come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”

Without hesitation, Peter and the other men left everything they had known and followed Jesus from then on. Jesus gave Simon a new name, “You shall no longer be Simon, but Peter—a Rock.”

Peter loyally followed Jesus throughout His ministry, witnessing all of His miracles. When Jesus performed his well-known miracle of walking on water, He instructed Peter to step out of his boat and join him. Frightened and confused, Peter stepped out of the boat out of obedience and love for Jesus. When he almost went under, Jesus took his hand and saved him.

Peter was with Jesus when the soldiers arrested Jesus. Even in his steadfast faith, Peter was scared. When he was recognized as one of Jesus’ friends around the time of Jesus’ trial, he was scared he too would be punished, so he denied knowing Him. Realizing what he had done, Peter cried and asked for forgiveness.

Jesus forgave Peter and gave him the strength to go on and bring the word of God to people most in need of it. Peter helped feed the sick, prayed with people, helped those in need, and proclaimed the Good News of Jesus Christ. Peter took missionary journeys into faraway places and he went on fearlessly and loyally preaching the Gospel.

Peter became the first Pope of the church and was eventually martyred in Rome for being a follower of Jesus.

In Rome, Saint Peter’s Basilica is built over the tomb where Peter is buried, and the Pope’s throne is called the Chair of Saint Peter. Saint Peter’s Feast day is June 29.

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