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Exposing our children to stories of the Saints are important for their faith development. The Saints are heroes of the faith! We are called to be like the Saints and live for Jesus! My brother Missionary Oblates, much like, St. Agnes, spend their lives being obedient to their vows to be strong, bold, prayerful, and courageous to minister to the poor and most abandoned throughout the world. I hope you will enjoy the story of St. Agnes and live close to Christ like her!

Saint of the Month for November, 
St. Agnes

St. Agnes was born a very long time ago in the year 291 to a powerful and well-known Christian family in Rome. At the time, it was illegal to be a Christian, and anyone who was caught practicing the religion would be punished.

Agnes was dedicated to the Lord and had decided to never marry, but to devote herself solely to Jesus. However, Agnes was very beautiful and by the time she was a teenager, she had many men asking for her hand in marriage. Many of the men she turned away became angry and insulted by her faithfulness to God and purity that they submitted her name to the authorities as a Christian follower.

One day, the son of the high minister of Rome came to ask Agnes to marry him, offering her jewelry and gifts. But she kindly turned him down and explained she already promised herself to Jesus Christ.

The prince left disappointed, and when his father found out, he threatened to put Agnes in prison.

When Agnes refused to worship anyone else and swore to worship only Jesus Christ, she was stripped of her clothes and locked in prison. Suddenly, as they were stripping her clothes, her hair began to grow to protect her modesty. It is said that during her imprisonment, any man who tried to harm her was struck blind.

When Agnes still refused to denounce her love for Christ and take a husband, she was ordered to be burned at the stake. However, God protected Agnes and did not allow the flames to harm her. People were amazed that the flames were so high and all around her but not reaching her.

After her survival at the burning, a guard killed her with his sword. People learned about Agnes and her ordeal, and she is recognized as one of the first women to become a saint. Her feast day is January 21 and she is the patron saint of young girls.

Child’s Prayer to St. Agnes

St. Agnes, please be my friend. Help me to be like you. Protect my family and me. Keep us safe from harm. Help me to live close to Christ like you every day. Help me to bring peace into this world and to be honest and respect others. Amen.

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