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Introducing our children to stories and experiences that model the virtues are important for their development in cultivating a virtuous and purposeful life.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us:

A virtue is a firm attitude to do what is right.  Its direct opposite is a vice.  A vice is a habit to do what is wrong.  Prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance are called the human or cardinal virtues because they forge our human character.  These four habits assist us in developing a pure heart that is open to God’s will. 

“The moral virtues grow through education, deliberate acts and perseverance in struggle.  Divine grace (God’s special help that strengthens us) purifies and elevates the virtues in our lives.” 

Catechism of the Catholic Church #1839

I hope you will enjoy the straight forward and easily understandable explanations and resources prepared to help you teach and model the virtues.

Fr. David P. Uribe, OMI

This Month’s Virtue is: STEWARDSHIP

“Based on the gift each one has received; use it to serve others, as good managers of the varied grace of God.” 1 Peter 4:10

Teaching Tips: 

  1. Talk to your child about the meaning of stewardship. It means to take care of something that you do not own.

  2. Talk to your child about the times they have been in someone else’s care. Maybe it was a grandparent or a trusted family friend. Discuss with them how important it is for you as a parent to leave them in the care of someone who will love and nurture them. You would never leave them with strangers or someone you did not know. That is why God’s creation is also too important to leave in the hands of strangers. Instead, God entrusts it to us, his followers, people who know and love him.

  3. Explain to your child that God placed us in charge of caring for the earth and all the living creatures in it. Discuss ways in which you care for God’s creation as a family. Encourage your child to think of one way that they could become more involved in caring for God’s creation—maybe it is picking up trash when they see it, recycling, turning off lights when they leave the room, or not letting the water faucet run while brushing their teeth.

  4. Ask your child to make a list of the gifts God has given them. It should be a long list and there is no wrong answer! Everything is a gift from God. Discuss the list and place it where you call all see it every day. Make plans to update the list on a special holiday, maybe their birthday!

  5. Be sure to complement your child on their special gifts – maybe it is the gift of nice handwriting, a pretty smile, being good at a sport, being a good listener, dancing or singing, making people laugh, etc. Remind them that this special gift is a blessing from God and discuss ideas on how they can share that gift with someone else.

  6. Be sure to explain that being a good steward of resources such as money, school supplies and personal belongings is also very important. Keeping track of your money or resources like your backpack or school supplies is being a good steward. Sharing these resources with people in need is also being a good steward. As an adult, they will be depended on to donate to the church or other charitable organizations to help those less fortunate. Right now, they can help someone in their classroom by sharing their supplies or a snack if someone forgets theirs.

  7. Remind your child that keeping your room clean, your toys in order and cleaning up your area is also being a good steward. For example, when you eat at a restaurant where you order at a counter, be sure to pick up after yourself, throw away your trash, wipe the table of crumbs for the next person to enjoy the space. When you are at church, be sure to raise the kneeler upon exiting the row and place the songbook or missalette in its place for the next visitor.

  8. Teach your child the importance of giving thanks for their gifts. Giving thanks daily should be a part of their routine. Gratitude is always the right attitude! Download the attached activity sheet. Help them to color and decorate the Prayer of Thanksgiving. Help them to memorize prayer. Ask them to lead the prayer before a meal every day.

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