Join us in the Daily Practice of Faith, Hope and Love! – Oblate Missions

Join us in the Daily Practice of Faith, Hope and Love!

Amidst the difficulties we have faced this past year, we still see the gifts of God’s grace every day. We see a renewed faith in our religious congregations as so many lean on God and on each other during times of crisis. We see the hope of the end of this pandemic as we continue to follow safety protocols and as the vaccine becomes more widely available.

And we see the love of Jesus Christ when we join together as a faith community to bring relief to the poorest of the poor around the world.

These gifts—the Theological virtues of faith, hope and love—are our most powerful weapons when combating fear, despair and evil and as Christians, we are encouraged to practice them daily.

As Christians, we have been practicing and striving towards these virtues our entire lives, but it is so important we continue applying these virtues in our daily lives and teaching them to our children and grandchildren. They are the tools God gives us to build our life on and grow ever closer to Him, and we are called to introduce them to young ones just beginning their faith journey so that they may live a virtue-filled life.

Every day, with the help of generous friends like you, our Missionary Oblates live these virtues to the fullest as they minister to the poorest of poor around the world. Relying on faith as they are faced with life threatening situations every day, Missionary Oblates bring hope to those living in extreme poverty and introduce them to the healing love of Jesus Christ.

Donor support over the past year have been especially important to bring these gifts of God’s grace to the mission poor as the global health crisis has left so many in our missions in need of additional aid and spiritual guidance. Today, your gift of $20, $15, $25 can provide the resources needed to deliver help and hope to the poorest and most abandoned of the world. 

Your gift can be put to use immediately by donating below.

By living the theological virtues, we can develop our relationship with God and create daily habits that honor His will.

After the challenges of this past year, we all look forward to a return to a measure of normalcy. It is important, though, that we take the lessons learned from this time and continue to apply them.  I hope the Daily Virtues Magnet that I sent will be a regular reminder.

St. Thomas Aquinas, a revered philosopher, said the Theological Virtues are so named:

“Because they have God for their object, both in so far as by them we are properly directed to Him, and because they are infused into our souls by God alone, as also, finally, because we come to know of them only by Divine revelation in the Sacred Scriptures.”

To assist in your prayers, I encourage you to send me the names of you or any loved ones in need of healing. I will have their names lifted to Heaven at our monthly Healing Mass held at our spiritual center, Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto and Tepeyac de San Antonio.

May God bless you and your family, knowing that you are in my daily prayers and those of thousands of Missionary Oblates around the world.

In Jesus Christ and Mary Immaculate,
Fr. David P Uribe, OMI
Oblate Chaplin Director

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