Help bring dignity and peace to the sick and dying. – Oblate Missions

Help bring dignity and peace to the sick and dying.

Watching a friend or family member in their final stages of life is never easy, but we do our bet to make them comfortable so they may pass at peace and with dignity.

May of the mission poor in our Zambian community do not have the means to provide medical or palliative care to their loved ones battling a terminal illness.  Many of the elderly have not family members to care for them, suffering and dying alone and in isolation.

Our missionaries are tormented when they find an elderly grandparent, a mother or sometimes even a young child lying on the floor of their hut, simply waiting for death.  They have no hope of survival.  No hope that anyone will help them.

Thanks to caring and generous friends like you, our Oblate Missionaries saw the immense need for hospice care, and helped establish Our Lady’s Hospice almost 20 years ago in Lusaka, Zambia.  It is a place of tranquility and hope for those entering their final states of their lives.

Your generous gifts support our dedicated, compassionate staff as they administer the care to patients until they are welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Perhaps you know of a loved one with a terminal condition or battling a serious illness.  Please join me and all our Missionaries as we unite in prayer so that patients both in Zambia and here in the United States will find peace and hope, knowing that Our Lord is with them.

On September 8 – the date that marks the birth of the Blessed Virgin – the Oblates of Mary Immaculate will offer two special Masses of Hope and Healing to pray for those who are facing grave medical issues.

The first will take place in Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto and Tepeyac de San Antonio, our spiritual center.  On the same day, a second Mass of Hope and Healing will be celebrated at the Church of Mary Immaculate by our Missionary Oblates in Zambia.  Located just a short distance from Our Lady’s Hospice, counselors, caregivers and spiritual directors come to worship together as they care for patients.

Your Mass offering inspired by your generous heart – will help provide end-of-life care that offers peace, dignity and hope to the terminally ill in Zambia.

Mission BraceletIn return for your generosity, I hope that you will also find healing and comfort in your life along with a very special gift that I have designed for you.

To thank you for your generous donation of $15 or more, I have commissioned a lovely Mission Bracelet just for you.  I hope when you wear this handcrafted bracelet you are reminded of the care and concern you deliver to our missions and to those who seek salvation in the Good News of Jesus Christ.

From Our Lady’s Hospice, our Missionaries and patients will be joining me in prayer to thank you for your assistance.  Every day, we pray to Our Heavenly Mother – the patroness of healing and of the Hospice – to protect those in Her care and the hospice caregivers.

If you know someone that is facing the end of life or a serious illness, please send their names to be presented to Our Merciful Lord and Our Blessed Mother during each of the Masses of Hope and Healing.

Help bring strength to the faith of those who are ill or severely injured, so they will be filled with hope for their new life in heaven.

In an effort to go green by reducing paper use and keep you up to date on our latest missionary work, I would like to you to sign up for our emails.

I will be praying that Our Lord fills you with a multitude of blessings that His presence will be felt by you and your loved ones.

In Christ and Mary Immaculate,
Fr. Art Flores, OMI
Oblate Director

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